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The project "Donate.plus" was created in 2017. Donate.plus is a charity platform, or, in other words, a resource for collective fundraising.     Here everyone can create their own project to collect funds on the terms of voluntary donations.     Thousands of people do need help these days.     Thousands - are willing to help. Our goal - is to bting them toghether between those who need help, and those who can provide these help.     Our project is an initiative that is designed to bring together completely different people to help those who need it the most. We have the power and the desire to help. We are trying to do everything to help people in need of help.     Those who need help - can provide the information about do they need,or abouat the trouble that happend to them. Those who want to help - can find     those people who need their help the most.     Our main goal is to help, so if you know that someaone is in trouble , or you know that something wrong had happend , do not hesitate , create your own founding compaign , you and all your friends can donate to the common goal,or you can find the founding compaign created on this site, and to donate together with your friends.     We are here to make a good change in people live , to change the comunityto the best, because we are people and people have to help each other.

Our Goal

The task of the project is to use the possibilities and power of business, politics, influential people, ordinary citizens to help those who deserve the help. Our project of assistance is specially created for people who need help to get a chance to develop their ideas - a chance, which will help them to change their lives, to get the opportunity to grow, to develop and change the society into a better way. Charity is an opportunity for people to receive material support,a support which is so needed to get their goals. The activities of the charity project is rigorously regulated by law. The Charity Fond "Donate-plus" is trying to help to all people who are seeking for help. Whatever your are, you can change someone's live. It is much easier to do good things together! We, the Donate-plus team are inviting interested persons to share our ideas and , we are aasking for help to spread our project to all your friends, we are sure that good people are everywhere, and we need them, people need them.


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26 631 €
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1 470
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Welcome to DONATE.PLUS!

Welcome to DONATE.PLUS!

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